Project: Pigeon

Project Pigeon was our proof-of-concept project for the NFT space. Gaining over 1600 followers and a trade volume of 1.5 Ethereum (roughly $6000 as of writing) within the first 3 months. Throughout, aspects of DeiLink were teased, and a Discord community of over 220 people was created, who will get priority for pre-alpha testing and beyond, as well as helping contribute to the TCG’s beta card art.

The Team

Tim Murphy - CEO
Tom Willetts - CPO
Jack Francis - CTO

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Frequently Asked Questions

A non-fungible token (NFT) is data stored on the blockchain, that ensures that a given digital asset is unique, and can be used to verify that an asset belongs to you.

Not only is your Pigeon Egg going to be incredible profile picture, you are also free to do whatever you want with it, it is your property, you own it. Furthermore, in the future you will be able to “burn” your egg (Send it to an inaccessible wallet address, therefore removing it from circulation) to either “Hatch” or “Cook” your Egg, replacing your Egg with a brand new NFT.

Owning an Egg, or the resulting NFT after hatching or cooking, will give you the ability to voice your opinion on both Project: Pigeon as a whole. The first place you will get to voice your view is with the charities 33% of the mint sales will go to.

33% of all mint sales will go to charity, we want to really make a difference. 

The money for charity will never enter our wallet, it will immediately be transferred to another wallet so that you can ensure it is still there and make sure we are being truthful. The only time the money will move out of this wallet is to move to the contract Egg Holders will be able to vote on.

By using the Polygon Network, we can keep gas fees at basically zero for our community We want you to be able to mint your egg, without having to deal with the gas wars that plaque the Main Ethereum Network.

The models and environments for the eggs are designed and put together by us, then we utilise scripts to randomise each and every attribute of each Egg. Randomisation includes background, egg colour, emission colour, hat, pattern, effect, among others.

With all the attributes, there are potentially billions of combinations, but we will limit the number to 8665 Eggs. Depending on trait combination, some will be more unique than others.

In Gen 0 of the Pigeon Eggs there wil be 8665 unique eggs. After the mint is complete, you will have to purchase an Egg on the secondary market.

Each Egg is exactly 0.05 ETH, we do not believe in a tiered pricing structure for a mint as we want to maintain an equitable pricing structure.

We have developed a method for ensuring that your Pigeon Egg will instantly reveal how it looks (excluding metadata refresh rates), without risk of rarity sniping. The metadata assigned to each value will be random!

Normally, Blockchain random number generation could be influenced by the individuals mining the blocks, to avoid this we will make use of the Verifiable Random Function by Chainlink (VRF Chainlink) to ensure complete fairness over Pigeon Egg allocation.

By visiting our mint page, you will see an option to enter your Pigeons token ID (this is different to your Pigeons number, and can be found in the ‘Details’ tab on OpenSea.

Simply enter that where asked to claim your FREE Egg!

The first 500 Pigeon Eggs are reserved for Original Pigeon Holders, with one free Pigeon Egg for every Original Pigeon owned (Original Pigeons can be found here: https://opensea.io/collection/projectpigeon). The current floor for Pigeons is 0.015 ETH. Owning an Original Pigeon will give you access to more free NFTs in the future.

Eggs have their own rarity tracker, which can be found here.

For upcoming releases, such as those NFTs usable in our tower defence and card games, will be ranked as ‘Common’, ‘Uncommon’, ‘Rare’, ‘Legendary’, and ‘Deity’

Yep! Join here: https://discord.gg/xj9Tc9h3Rk