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Welcome to the Guild's Trading Co.!

Frequently Asked Questions

The guild will become our central hub for community, development, and project sharing. Through our Guild, we aim to expand the reach of all those within our ecosystem.

The guild will be powered by our platforms native token, $VIVE.

The Guild’s Trading Co. is our virtual gallery and ‘one touch’ marketplace, providing a way to integrate and interact with many other projects.

It is currently in an alpha stage of development, where we are showcasing a few select projects. Want to get involved? Reach out to us on twitter or via

Explore the virtual gallery and the unique environments and pick up any NFTs you fancy (while stocks last).

All NFTs are listed in $VIVE (apart from Eggs which are minting for 24 MATIC).

Future updates will include new projects, environments, mint events, and more.

The portals are the way to traverse our digital metaverse. In the future, portals will be able to be setup by individual projects using our world builder, giving you a virtual and interactive way of interacting with projects.

Each project currently listed has their own environment, accessible through a portal.

Before entering the Guild Trading Co., make sure to connect/set your MetaMask to the Polygon Network and approve your $VIVE!

Simply enter the amount of $VIVE you want to approve and sign for the transaction, once the transaction has gone through you’ll be able to purchase NFTs directly within our metaverse!

This way, you can purchase NFTs directly through the virtual environment, if you approved enough $VIVE.

Use the WASD keys to walk around, and you can adjust your view with the mouse.

Use the space bar to jump!

Press the ‘F’ key on any button to purchase that NFT (a MetaMask prompt will open up).

Future updates will include additional features of select projects, and new NFTs listed for $VIVE.

We will also allow the minting and selling of NFTs in other tokens, such as MATIC, or in some instances another projects utility token.


Creators will be able to leverage our “World Builder” application to create their own environments, and sell their own NFTs with an immersive, virtual environment.

As we scale, this environment will be paired with a full NFT marketplace website, made ‘By Creators, For Creators’.