Flappy Pigeon

Let your bird fly in our first ever blockchain integrated game!

Own your own Pigeon? Connect your wallet before playing to use your Pigeon!

Don’t own a Pigeon? Pick one up here!


Take your Egg on a challenging adventure and become an Eggsplorer!

Own your own Egg? Connect your wallet before playing to use your Egg!

Don’t own a Egg? Pick one up here!

Level Editor

Create your maps here!


What's in store?

AR-VR Metaverse Experiences

The Metaverse will redefine how we work, play and earn.

We have been developing our own gamified experiences, across VR and Mobile AR, and cannot wait to show you more!

Web3 Tower Defence Game:

Our team are hard at work creating a Tower Defence game which will reward you for playing! Owning certain NFTs such as Pigeons and Eggs will give you unique towers to use within this game.

You will be able to take part in PvP battles, create your own maps, and more.

P2E NFT Card Game:

Late 2022 will see an update to our NFT Card Game – Deilink.

An initial ruleset can be found here. Additional details about the game and mechanics can also be seen in our whitepaper.