Project: Pigeon

Game-agnostic Birds, flying through the Metaverse. Grab a Pigeon or an Egg to start collecting our native utility token $VIVE

What is Project: Pigeon?

Project: Pigeon is our deep-dive into the world of Web3. We are exploring Blockchain integration, NFT gaming, Artificial Intelligence and more, through a universe heavily impacted by our ‘Pigeons’.

By exploring Pigeon Island and applying our Pigeons, Eggs and other projects into NFT-centred and play-to-earn games, we will uncover their secrets.

What will you discover?


Play Flappy Pigeon

Practice your flapping, and play with your Pigeons to earn $VIVE!

Play The Egg Game

Bounce through the world and avoid the lava and other hazards. Play with an Egg to earn $VIVE!

Visit Pigeon Island

Check out our Web3 gallery, powered by AI and Blockchain integration.